When Does Earnest Suggestions Become Propaganda

While watching the movie, The Pelican Breaf, on the Pivot channel, a commercial came on with a message specifically about water, and generally the use of it.  It is interesting to me to watch such info-mericals.  Because the visual media is not controlled by a single authority, the content of such advertisments must be backed buy a source of finance.  Therefore, when infering such information, this fact must be an accepted factor when categorizing such message.  In other words, if one agrees with the point of the message, then the financing of such message must be understood as a qualifying fact of that message being propaganda to others who may disagree.  The message finds itself argueably in the category the information is not a declaration of truth.

If there was a financial effort to televise a message communicating specifically about water, and generally the use of it, the outcome is a pair of efforts which are of the same equally.  One financial factor communicating one side, and the another financial is efforts to communicate the opposite, both efforts are of the same.

It is propaganda when one side has the moral sword to wield.  What makes those who advocate government power to inforce its laws which define human action prior of that action being acted upon.  What makes those who advocate laws forcing the actions of a government to be strangled in curtain pre-defined economic arenas.

The moral argument becomes true when that argument is of the same level as all other arguments.  When one specific angle of argument that is ignored due to its merrited qualification of truth, and it becomes a persitent thorn of inconveniance then intellectually the opposite argument must be dropped.

Pertaining to the argument given at the beginning of this article, the info-mercial gave a number of facts on the subject of water sources and usage; scientific facts about water sources and usage.  The info-mercial also gave a number of periferal facts that can be refuted.  Because of the fact of falsifying the intent of the periferal facts, the info-mercial morphed into a financial effort to propaganize the individual human befavior to act in accordance of the prediscribed false facts of water usage into a government power enforcement.  If this innocent propaganda is collectively accepted, then the opposite becomes the advocate.  When government power is aligned by factions which will be rewarded through this government action, it is then when those advocating government enforcements become evil.  The path to evil is intentions of human good.  The good of God must be emerced into the collective peridigm for the action of humans to be rendered good.  Any human action forced through government only moves towards total evil.  Individual human action tends to be good, absolute collective human action becomes absolute evil.  The falsification of the good of God through the collective human action one can find the personified evil human.


Published by: originaltruthseer

I desire individuals to understand truth, which is out there, not as one wishes, but as truth is to be observed (as gravity is observed; and respected). Truth is opaque and real. Oftentimes truth is misunderstood and lies are instead integrated, but when lies are unwrapped the distinction between truth and lies are easily perceived.

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