How Little Kids are Acting as Such When What We Find in Cities are Horboring Distructive Tantrums

As I realize myself getting older, I’m finding those among the young as becoming more pointless.  Pointless in repect to the extent that when parents tell their kids to go to bed their reaction is defining.  The very nature of their act is judged.  I am not doing the judging.  All I’m doing is observing.  The pointless youngsters rioting in these cities are pouting, kicking their feet in frustration, holding their breaths, whining and getting red in their faces all of which they are demonstrating against the idea that they cannot have their way.  It really is that simple.  Children who grow up into older children who choosingly do not learn to be an adult, and still they behave as having the mentality of an infant, needs to be taken by the proverviale pants and behind the shed and getting what they deserve.  Spare the rod spoil the child.

Parents: if you didn’t instruct, punish your children to behave as proper adults when older created these children.

For those who react disturbingly to what was just said above, what I’m saying to you is this: sorry for your pointless feelings, grow up and take it.


Published by: originaltruthseer

I desire individuals to understand truth, which is out there, not as one wishes, but as truth is to be observed (as gravity is observed; and respected). Truth is opaque and real. Oftentimes truth is misunderstood and lies are instead integrated, but when lies are unwrapped the distinction between truth and lies are easily perceived.

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