A Vendetta, From 23 “V”s, Which Is One of Many Facets of V

The movie: V For Vendetta, as does other pointed and relavent films, became one of my most favorite films of all time.  Just lately, after watching it for the umteenth time, somemore interesting facets of the V soga came to light.

As for the point of discussion, when Gordon Deitrich, the talk/comedy TV host, is captured in his home, and subsequently in his secret room, Eve hides under the bed, as she had done when a little girl, experiencing the trama again, and of course she finds herself being captured as well.

What seems a reality to Eve at this moment, and while being locked up in her cell, she finds a note written by previous prisoner; who was the same cell occupent previously to her own imprisonment.  She secretly reads the discovered note and is idealogically transformed into a person that she earier wished she was.  In other words her idealogocal transformation was from experiencing what she read.  Earlier in the story Eve wishes she was a stronger person, yet not changing.

After reading the autobiography note left by Valerie Page, the previous prisoner, Eve’s capturer discovers this change in her and lets her go after declaring her as an enemy.

After Eve’s tormenter, jailer frees her from the confinment, she walks out of prison and finds her ordeal was a ruse, conducted by V, she emotionaly reacts to this discovery.  V then explains why he did what he did because he, too, was in a prison of sorts earlier in his life.  Eve discovers that the very same note of issue was given to him from Room IV, Valerie Page.

The scenes of this movie presents a side by side view that illustrates Eve and V went through of the same emotional reaction.  His body engulfed in flames from an explosion, and her body being rained upon.  It is interesting to point out that even though Valerie’s note was read by two different people, the message in the note changed them both in very different was.


Published by: originaltruthseer

I desire individuals to understand truth, which is out there, not as one wishes, but as truth is to be observed (as gravity is observed; and respected). Truth is opaque and real. Oftentimes truth is misunderstood and lies are instead integrated, but when lies are unwrapped the distinction between truth and lies are easily perceived.

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