Trump, Republicans, the Progressive Left, and the Rest of Humanity

Since the 1980s, 2016 America has moved drastically from a conservative Presidency to a new political revolution.  This political revolution, consisting of frustrating years of Progressive Leftism, rolled in the reality of humanity.  2016 America is now just scratching the surface as to the dynamics of how Trump became the instigator of this new political revolution.

This political revolution involves the majority of those who have been politically marginalized through the unforgiving Progressive Leftism onslot of “The Progressive Left Knows How to Manage the Lives of Humanity Better than the Individual Minutions of Free Choice Actions.”  In other words, since the election of Jimmy Carter (the beginning of the upward trajectory of Progressiveism) the political landscape moved through history almost to to the point that Free America would be no longer.  The bumbling Obama Presidency came real close to being given the green light to move usunder Individual Freedom to the Age of Freedom from Responsibility.  The obstinence of the house and senate helped with keeping the Progressive vanguard from toppling Freedom.

If Trump would have lost the election, and H. Clinton became the first woman president, the next step, two years later in 2018, would have been a Democrat election of the house and senate, and the apointments of the New Judiciary Kingship.  This would have been the green light to eradicate every outpost of Individual Freedom in America.

Knowing that the election went to a different direction, I can safely say that Individual Freedom still has ground to grow.  Instead of the elitist progressive harboring government power only for itself, the progressive is now fearsly whaling about still wondering what just happened.  The New Judicery Kingship will not be occupied by the left, but instead a population of scholars focusing on the meaning of the Constitution, not the wishful replacement of the Constitution with Leftist Progressivism.


Published by: originaltruthseer

I desire individuals to understand truth, which is out there, not as one wishes, but as truth is to be observed (as gravity is observed; and respected). Truth is opaque and real. Oftentimes truth is misunderstood and lies are instead integrated, but when lies are unwrapped the distinction between truth and lies are easily perceived.

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