How the Leftist Progressives Actually is Infected with a Mental Deficiency in Analyzing Economic Ideas

When talking, or arguing, with leftist progressives (see Explanation), one should arrive at the conclusion economic ideas and freedom arguments do not provide a mental growing evolvement to them(hence, being infected, cannot evolve further), from mentally having an idea evolving into another, specifically exoeriencing an epiphany.  This argument is at the center of why liberal progressives resist evolving to higher levels mentally.  Of all the plethora of economic ideas, which are available to transform into public policy, they resist any central theme that has anything to do with individual human abilities; these types of ideas will not be entertained by the progressive left.  Ideas which come to the forefront of their attention is the identity religion of differing herds of humanity.  The title of this idea is called multi-cultural internationalism.  A world of humanity without distinctions; collectivism, or…. Babel.  They find that the idea of labeling anyone places themselves in the same circle of reasoning for arguing the economic worth of the individual; anti-internationalism, i.e., nationalism.

To put this concept into other words, the identity of a herd of lesbians is paramount to anything else being ascertained for involving economic activity; e.g., identity politics.  A very small group, in relation to humanity itself, of gays demands more attention to them than the vast majority of other humans.  This battle to infiltrait a religion, ideology, into another is what’s called normalization.  Taking ultamate truth out of the equation, a war of ideology insuse history.  Of those who identify themselves as a gay liberal progressively expect the entitlements of economic activity solely based upon the mere claim of being gay, and are offended they aren’t receiving their right to it.  For those who perceive the world as it exists is called reality.  Instead, progressives believe their desire of what reality should be (forcing a public change into what is wanted or desired) asks, does a person have the ability, and the tools, to tackle the job needing done?  Does a human god, the spokesman of progressivism, have the right to force change of a perverse reality?

To the progressive, being lesbian precludes individual abilities.  For a realist, a proof of employment history supersedes the label lesbian.  A proof of employment history offers a manager a mental image how an addition of an employee helps a company become more competitive in the market place.  On this proof of employment history there shouldn’t be any kind of mention of a personal label one identifies with, being lesbian is a personal matter, not a matter in the economic public sphere for a company position.  Being gay doesn’t make a person better at working utensils and raw food to a combination of a plate of food.  The ability to understand how the two items can become a delicious dinner speaks to the artistic abilities of that person; not their sexual behavior.

This argument is reduced to what is real and what is not; e.g., truth.  Truth isn’t intimidated by lies.  Lies dwell in the collective.



The act of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil afforded man to believe, physically accept, a lie (therefore DNA relavent).  The age before believing the lie there was a god-created spiritual connection to the physical.  The creation was that man was made to look towards the creator; the god-head (God, Son and Spirit).  Man is therefore subordinate in relation to the god-head, man being the physical creation.

The age after the act of believing the lie, the physical consumption of the fruit, became accepting the idea that a physical impossibility merging of spirit and created man morphed into a false idea that man is god; e.g., a single man convinced he is god also believing other human beings are subordinate to him; an act of purposely substituting god with man.

It’s a lie for a single man to accept, to entertain, the idea that he is god.  The derivation of the lie is for a group of similar believing human beings, succumbing to the notion that any other beings, male or female, not believing, not accepting, or rejecting the belief in the collective ideal, is evil; therefore transforming truth into a lie.

From here the bible is instructive.



Published by: originaltruthseer

I desire individuals to understand truth, which is out there, not as one wishes, but as truth is to be observed (as gravity is observed; and respected). Truth is opaque and real. Oftentimes truth is misunderstood and lies are instead integrated, but when lies are unwrapped the distinction between truth and lies are easily perceived.

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